A digital currency built for everyday people

Buy Sirch Cash at a 90% early bird discount today. Or, just follow us on Twitter, and get some for free.

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We set out to create a currency that's easy to use, secure, and private.

We believe that currencies are a mode of communication, not a store of value or a means of exchange. We wanted to create a mode of communication, or a lau that works over long distances (unlike cash), that is simple to use (unlike crypto), and is anonymous (unlike credit cards). 

What is Sirch Cash?

  • "Legal" tender

    In the land of Sirch, this is our currency. Buy everything from pizza to real estate using Sirch Cash.

  • Backed by ads

    To purchase ad space on Sirch, you’ll need some Sirch Tokens.

  • Easy to transfer

    To move Sirch Cash, simply enter your username and your private key.

Securely send money to other people using their wallet name.

To send Sirch Cash, all you need is your wallet name and private key. Your wallet has a unique private key that you should never share with anyone. We will never ask you for your private key. You may use Sirch Cash to make purchases or tip content creators within the Sirch ecosystem. The only way to purchase ads on Sirch is with Sirch Cash. 

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No transfer fees ever.

Fiat vs Crypto vs Sirch Cash

  • Fiat-cash

    • Anonymous
    • Can be sent in envelope
    • Backed by the military
  • Crypto

    • Decentralized
    • Secure until hacked
    • Complex
  • Sirch Cash

    • Anonymous
    • Easy to use
    • Backed by ads

Investment timeline


Sirch Cash is backed by ads.

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Dear potential investor,

If you believe that the world will be a better place with more than one search engine, you should buy some Sirch Cash just to support us. If you've played around with Sirch, and think that this is the future, you should buy some more Sirch Cash to support yourself in your retirement. 

Sirch Cash is experimental, which means that what you buy today may be worth nothing at all in the future. Buying Sirch Cash is a bold statement. It's a statement that you believe technological progress can beat the Sleeping Giant. Having said that, there are some reasons to believe that Sirch Cash will be worth ten times what you're paying for it today in the future. 

If you are an advertiser or company that runs a lot of ads, you might purchase some Sirch Cash now and then run some ads. However, Sirch Cash is primarily designed for regular people. If you like Sirch (please do try it out!) and believe that we may become the dominant search engine in the future, you can "invest" in Sirch by buying some Sirch Cash today. Right now, Sirch Cash is being offered for very little. Why? Because the inflow of capital will allow us to build out Sirch features which should attract users, and advertisers. Once these advertisers want to buy ad space on Sirch, the Sirch Cash you hold becomes valuable since companies need Sirch Cash to display ads on Sirch. Sirch Cash can also be used to upvote (tip) content producers within the Sirch ecosystem, or to interact with other users within the Sirch ecosystem financially. 

Long term, the goal is for you to make purchases of goods and services IRL through Sirch, and of course, for this too, you may use Sirch Cash. Long term, it would be nice if everyday shops and stores accepted Sirch Cash along with USD so that the currency becomes widely adopted. 

We hope you will buy Sirch Cash and help us build the new search engine. 


Josh and the Sirch team